Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

I'm sure I'm not alone here in asking "where did 2015 go?!" It went by so fast, starting with a St Valentine's Day wedding with Winter Pimms served to guests to a 93rd Birthday party for an ex W.A.A.F (my favourite event! see her below-she was fabulous!)

it almost feels like I didn't do anything when infact it was so, so busy! Apart from all the weddings, tea parties, birthdays and christenings we did, I am also involved in producing my husband's radio show. If you like vintage music or you're just curious, listen to him here

We will be at the Asylum's very first mini wedding fair on Sunday 31st January 2016, where we will have a selection of our pieces available to hire and our tea party & drinks set up and plenty of time to talk all things weddings with you. We have a new item available for the signing table at the Asylum-a beautiful sequin tablecloth, large enough to drape beautifully onto the floor, and it will look stunning in your photographs and reflect a glowing light back onto you.

We are already quite booked up for Summer 2016, but do get in touch if you would like to book us for your beautiful, affordable wedding,

Lorna x

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